Planet XYZ - Ethical Investmet

Looking for an ethical investment? 

Look no further

As Coldplay once sang, we live in a beautiful world – and they were right. But from time to time it’s hard to feel optimistic about the plight of our planet… Those tiny choices we make, day in, day out – from the car we drive to the coffee we buy, and from conserving water in our gardens to installing solar panels on our roofs – can only go so far.

What if there was a way you could make a BIG difference to the environment with a relatively small investment?
There is.

Planet XYZ is a big idea with even bigger plans to make a difference. A billion-dollar ethical lottery, where one third of the proceeds – a planet-protecting, world-wowing $1.2 billion – will be invested into environmental, ethical and ecological projects and causes. Initiatives that are developing plastic replacement products, protecting huge areas of rainforest, and boosting research into ground-breaking renewable technologies.

And you can help.

We’re offering just 500 opportunities to invest £1,000 to get the idea off the ground. Think crowdfunding for a truly exciting environmental, ethical and ecological cause. (Because of the licencing laws surrounding lotteries, we can’t use traditional crowdfunding models to raise this money, but the process is similar.)

This opportunity is available to individuals, groups or companies around the world, who can each buy just one stake in launching this billion-dollar planet-saving, ethical lottery.

Interested? Find out how to invest  or let us answer your questions.

Worldwide lottery sales 2015

Total sales 2015 $279.9 billion (Global)
Total money for good causes 2015 $76.1 billion (WLA Lottery Members)
Total direct full-time employment 112,300 (2015)

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